Does the job need to go to an African?

There is a sense amongst those following this debate that there is strong pressure for this post to go to an African.

There would certainly be merit in an African High Commissioner, but on the other hand is this kind of regional turn-taking healthy?



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One response to “Does the job need to go to an African?

  1. Nebfem

    Regional turn taking is probably a must for some positions – Secretary General. However, quite the opposite practice is used for some UN posts. The head of UNICEF is always an american, year in and year out, as is the head of the World Food Programme. The Head of peacekeeping is more or less established as always French. This is a bad practice, but so is the other extreme of always rotating posts. The position of High Commissioner for human rights is an extraordinarily complex one and the secretary general should be free to draw upon the very best person available, irrespective of region.

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