The Candidates

There have been many rumours about who is a candidate, and who has been interviewed over the course of the past week.

The current shortlist is believed to have narrowed to:

Navanethem Pillay

Hina Jilani

Juan Mendez

Other candidates who were interviewed, or mentioned as contenders:

Luis Alfonso de Alba

Irene Khan

Pierre Sane

Francis Deng

Adama Dieng

Jose Ramos Horta

Brief bios are posted in the candidate profiles section, but any more insight into these candidates’ records would be very helpful!

If you are a candidate, or would like to be a candidate, or would like to declare your candidacy, please write to me!

Kyung-wha Kang, the current deputy, does not appear to be a contender at the moment


2 responses to “The Candidates

  1. folks, would be great if you set this up in wiki format, as this sort of thing lends itself perfectly to that. i’ll bet that your 3+ million members can pretty quickly construct a fairly extensive, detailed, organized site that the secret committee would itself use as a resource :).

  2. shaun kirven

    Just a quick note to add my support and that of the Hina Jilani for High Commissioner Campaign to Hina becoming HC.
    Proven track record and has made a fantastic contribution to the protection of the very people that OHCHR should be working for.

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